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Comunidad: Comunidad Valenciana
Convocatoria: Junio de 1994
Modalidad: LOGSE - Todas
Ejercicio: 1er Ejercicio B
Asignatura: Inglés
Obligatoriedad: Obligatoria
Duración: 60 minutos
Baremo: A. Comprensión: 6 puntos (Comprensión global: 2 preguntas=2 puntos; Verdadero/falso: 2 preguntas=1 punto; Léxico: 1 pregunta=1 punto; Multiple choice: 2 puntos). B Producción escrita: 4 puntos.

Part A. Reading comprehension

Read the following text:


I'd say myself that Glasgow is a crazy football city; there aren't many Glaswegians who don't support one or other of our two big professional teams, Rangers or Celtic. And the football results in the evening papers are a lot more important to many people than what's happening in the rest of the world. Both Rangers and Celtic have been around for about a century, and they have helped to make football popular in the rest of Scotland. Well, when the two clubs were founded they both had religious connections, which probably sounds a funny thing for football. Rangers -that's the older club- was started in 1873, and that was protestant. But Celtic was started by Catholics in 1888. The club is called Celtic but it's the same word as Celtic, you see, and the Irish are descended from the Celts, so the Celtic team's name shows its Irish connections. I don't know how long there have been Irish living in Glasgow, but a long time. And one of the Celtic's original purposes was to raise money for poor Catholic children in the city who needed meals and clothes. For many years Celtic only had Catholic players and Rangers only had Protestant players. And the supporters of the two clubs were divided on religious lines, too. But that's changed now.

S. Chalker. 1979, Let's See Great Britain. London. MacMillan. p. 120.

I. Answer the following two questions using your own words (2 points; 1 point each):

  1. How great an interest in football is there in Glasgow?
  2. When and how did the two teams start?

II. Circle T or F if the statements below are True or False (1 point; 0,5 each).

  1. The supporters of both clubs are still divided on a religious line. T F
  2. The Rangers football club is descended from the Celts. T F

III. Find words in the passage which mean the same as the expressions below (1 point; 0,5 each).

  1. relationship, association.
  2. to back, help, and encourage.

IV. Choose a, b, c (or d) in each question below. Only one choice is correct (2 points; 0,5 each).

  1. A great number of immigrants in Glasgow city come from...
    1. England.
    2. Scotland.
    3. Wales.
    4. Ireland.
  2. The Rangers are mainly...
    1. Catholic.
    2. Protestant.
    3. not religious.
    4. Irish immigrants.
  3. Religious connections are __________ in most football clubs.
    1. traditional.
    2. unusual.
    3. necessary.
  4. Part of the money obtained by the Celtic is given to...
    1. charities.
    2. the State.
    3. Scotland.
    4. the Rangers.

B. Composition (100-150 words approximately) (4 points)

Choose one of the following two topics:

  1. Express your opinion of non-profit organizations which work together to help people.
  2. Write a letter to a friend in which you describe your trip to Athens for the final of the European League. Express your initial excitement, and your disappointment that Barcelona lost the match.

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